Examination Dates

Date Sheet for Term Examinations and Unit Tests

Pre MidtermI to III10-Jul-17 to 14-Jul-2017Unit Test -125-Apr-17 and 26-Apr-17
IV to X3-Jul-17 to 14-Jul-17Unit Test - 2
27-June and 29-Jun-17
MidtermI to III09-Oct-17 to 13-Oct-17Unit Test - 319-Sep and 21-Sep
IV to X
03-Oct-17 to 17-Oct-17Unit Test - 428-Nov-17 and 30-Nov-17
Post Mid TermI to III
15-Dec-2017 to 22-Dec-2017 2017Unit Test- 529-Jan-18 and 31-Jan-18
IV to V14-Dec-2017 to-22-Dec-2017
VI to VIII14-Dec-2017 to 22-Dec-2017
IX to X 13-Dec-2017 to 22-Dec-2017
Final ExamsI to III
7-March-2018 to 16-March-2018
IV to IX
5-March 2018 to 16-March -2018


1) Unit Test-I is not applicable to Std I

2) Term Exams for ICT, Art and third language will be conducted during their respective periods in the week prior to term exams, on theses exam date, other subjects periods will be carried out as per the regular time table.