Shri Ram Global has its own Kitchen and Dining hall in our Canteen Building. Our Students get freshly cooked/home made Vegetarian food at our canteen.

Break Fast: Rs 25/per student/day

Lunch: Rs 50/per student/day

Lunch+Break Fast: Rs 60/ day for Primary and Rs 65/day for secondary

A. Lunch

a) Monday: Rice , Green Moong Dal Tadka, chapati/roti, seasonal vegetables, yogurt, salad, pickle

b) Tuesday: Plain rice, yellow dal, seasonal mixed vegetables, plain Paratha

c) Wednesday: Veg Biryani or Veg Pulav, Raita, papad, salad, pickle

d) Thursday: Lemon Rice or Rajma Rice, Poori and Aloo Sabji

e) Friday: Rice and Yellow Dal , Mix Vegetables, Roti/Chapati and yogurt, pickle and salad

B. Breakfast:

i) 1st and 4th week

a) Monday: Brown Bread, Jam, Upma  b) Tuesday: Idli, Sambar, Chutney and Kesari Bath c) Wednesday: Aloo Sabji and Poori

d) Thursday: Vada Pava and sprout e) Friday: Rice Dosa and chutney

ii) 2nd week

a) Monday:Sandwich and Poha b) Tuesday: Idli , Vada, Sambar, Chutney, and Kesari Bath c) Wednesday: Aloo Paratha with yogurt

d) Thursday: Noodles and Sprouts e) Friday: Rice masala Dosa and chutney

iii) 3rd week

a) Monday: Pav Bhaji b) Tuesday: Ragi, Dosa and Chutney c) Wednesday: Leafy vegetables Paratha with yogurt

d) Thursday: Pasta and Sprouts e) Friday: Uttapam and chutney